Monday, 10 March 2014

ph pastry house at lakefields, sungei besi

Well... My first time there was with my friends. We just met there and with some light food. I still remembered that time I have ordered a bread and butter pudding which is have never tried before. 
Then I tried there and found that it was so nice. Then, I memorized this cafe into my memory.
This time, I went back there for a dinner with my family. The ambience have change a little bit and it now with some lighting decoration to make it more better.
We have ordered several of their signature food which they recommended. 
    I have forgotten the name of it. But it was a nice and unique taste. 
Beef Wellington.... It's highly recommended by others. It's really not disappointed me. I ordered in red wine sauce and medium rare. The red wine sauce was not strong enough the taste of red wine. But the beef of it was really fresh and juicy. Like it so much. The puff skin wich wrapping the beef was creamy and crispy in layers.
The coffee here also not bad. We ordered a latte and flat white where flat white was not in the menu.
Their house cappuccino with the coffee art which was quite nice to see and nice to to drink as well.
Their house braised lamb shank... It's too nice to taste and the meat is just too smooth to eat and too soft to chew it. The sauce of it also very delicious. Give a full like to it.
Prime rib steak.. To be honest, the meat was not fresh enough. It was juicy as cooked In Medium rare but it was bloody taste as well as not fresh. It's not prime at all.

Sea salt seabass with ratatouille... It's really very nice looking food. However, the seabass is not fresh, it's fishy in taste. I m really very disappointed on it.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Tous les Jours @ Wolo, Bukit Bintang

A french-Asian bakery and ingredients from Korea. It has established in US in 2004. Their first store in Malaysia was at Bangsar. This one at Wolo Bukit Bintang was the second one.
It was renovated in a European style interior. I was impressed by their outlook. I wanna to take a chance to dine in here. Finally, I did it.
My first step into it, I can really feel the different of it. It's not the usual bakery in Malaysia. 
They got two floors and got seats like the above which sit in front of a full glass. 
Their house prices for all the food are just a standard price as The Loaf, Lavender and etc..
But their ambience are totally different than those bakery & pastry shop.
It's look more worthy to eat here. Their food also not bad. I like their house egg benedict very much. Tiramisu also very nice to eat. The strawberry is full of strawberry taste and the bun is soft enough.

The Bee @ Publika

One of the top 20 klang valley coffee...... The Bee at Publika which located next to a car park entrance of Publika.
It's a good place to dine in for our brunch. May be we were late, therefore there was not much people inside. It's quiet and comfortable. 

We have ordered a latte which always our 1st choice. Latte with a piece of almond crispy cookies which make it look more attractive. 
Well, we also have ordered a Bee cold Brewed Coffee. It's surprised me in this presentation and I like it so much. But to be honest, the coffee taste for it was not strong enough and not fragrant enough.
For our meal, we have ordered a sandwich which was recommended by their staff and it was really very tasty and in a big portion. The cheese melted out was a decoration to make it look tasty and it's really tasty.
Then, we also have a Bee burger in our order which also recommended by their staff. It's another surprise to me. The patty was make by angus beef as I knew.   My patty was cooked in a medium rare. It was just too nice to taste it. I like it so so The juicy patty is full of beef taste and fresh. The good here have make me surrender on my diet. It's should be recommend to all my friends.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dragon-i @ Mid Valley

Dragon-i restaurant in Mid Valley was located at a hidden corner where it difficult to see it by window shopping. It hidden inside the corner of Centre court which behind The Coffee Bean.
I like their ramen which in the flavour of sze chuan Sour & spicy soup and their home made soya bean drink. There were my usual order.
Today we also have specially ordered a pan fried bun. Well, it was nice as it was juicy inside and the bun was soft and the skin of the bun was crispy but a little bit oily. I still like it so much.
The Beef ramen also very nice. The soup was clear but still full of the beef taste.
We like Dragon-i as a ramen restaurant on their house ramen.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

MY Coffee Cafe @ Endah Promenade, Sri Petaling

MY Coffee Cafe which located just right in the Endah Promenade Condominium in the front door. There have make some changes on their menu since they 1st opened it until now.
NOW there have breakfast sets and a lot of different foods.
I have ordered their English Full Breakfast today which included a drinks at only RM14.90++.  The breakfast set come with toasted bread, omelette, 2 sausages, 2 pcs of half sliced ham, 2 small slice of beef bacon, tomato, a spoon of sauteed mushrooms and potato wedges. Well, its really a full portion which can really make you full. The food served in a satisfied condition but the serving speed was slow.
The turkey sandwich which the sauces does not match with the ingredients and the sandwich a bit dry to eat.
The cafe latte was too bitter as the milk is not enough at all. As I know, cafe latte which should in a 80% milk taste and 20% coffee taste.

Ishin Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

Well.. Ishin Japanese Restaurant is located in a bungalow which just right next to the main road of old klang road...
The lunch sets here around RM28++. There was a lot of choices.
The portion of the food is reasonable.
The taste of it also satisfied.
The food quality is good enough which compatible with the price.
Especially the salmon sashimi
, it was fresh and thick enough which at the price of RM35++ for 5 pcs.
The dessert of it was not enough choices and only ice cream and parfait which also make by ice cream. One scoop of ice cream cost around RM12++ to RM16++ and parfait was around RM18++. To be honest, in price worthy, I would think that I rather to eat parfait.
Well, the whole dining experience is good and satisfied me. The ambience is just nice for a japanese dining.